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Complete portable generator buyers guide. We review and test many generators and bring you our findings to allow you to buy a generator which is best suited to your needs.

generator run time

How Long Can You Run a portable Generator?

How Long Can You Run a portable Generator? The answer depends on the type of generator you have and the specifics for your model. Yet most of us want to be able to let the generator run overnight without maintenance or worry. Let’s see how long you can continuously run a portable generator and what […]

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can you cover a portable generator

Can you cover a portable generator?

The short answer is yes, you can, especially when it is turned off. It is actually a good idea to protect the generator with a waterproof cover if it is not stored in the cargo area of an RV, the corner of your garage, sitting in a shed or encased in a protective shell. However, […]

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wen 56203i

WEN 56203i Portable Generator 2021 Review

In as much as we rely on electricity for most of our operations, sometimes that electricity may not be available, forcing us to look for an alternative option. One of the best options is a generator.    Generators are great secondary power supply products that can come in handy during a blackout or when you […]

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generator grounding

Does My Generator Need to Be Grounded?

Electrical currents take the path of least resistance to ground. This is why lightning tends to hit trees and metal poles instead of striking the ground. Unfortunately, the same process is at work when there is an arc flash from an electric generator, and the discharge can be as dangerous as lightning. The solution is […]

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Yamaha EF2200is Review

Yamaha EF2200iS Portable Generator 2021 Review

The Yamaha model EF2200iS generator is a classic inverter generator by a well-known brand. We’ll share the technical specifications of this model before outlining the pros and cons of this portable generator. We’ll also share a number of observations that may influence your purchasing decision but are not a clear pro or con. No wonder […]

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generator in the rain

Can You Use A Generator In The Rain?

The answer is that it depends on the generator and the conditions in which you’re using it. For example, a generator designed to operate in the corner of your garage, probably cannot safely be used in the pouring rain unless it is in a protective housing. There are plenty of generators that can be used […]

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Is it safe to run a laptop or computer from a generator?

Computers and laptops have been a part of everyone’s life since the day the internet was born. These gadgets serve as gateways for people to do their things online. Unlike smartphones that can only be used for limited purposes, users are free to do whatever they want with computers and laptops including the download of […]

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generac gp3000i review

Generac GP3000i Portable Generator Review 2020

The Generac GP30001 generator is perfect for the adventurer, with the ability to charge devices, appliances, and tools away from home. The generator adjusts to your needs, with a special economy mode to conserve fuel. Or, you can crank it up to full throttle to power a variety of gear at one time. Use the […]

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briggs & stratton p2200 portable generator review

Briggs & Stratton P2200 Buyers Review

  Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 is a medium-sized generator suitable for small RVs, camper vans, or to power electric tools at a site. Founded over 110 years ago in Wisconsin, USA, Briggs & Stratton have gone on to supersede the competition from abroad. Briggs & Stratton lead the way with their designs and innovations. […]

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