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Complete portable generator buyers guide. We review and test many generators and bring you our findings to allow you to buy a generator which is best suited to your needs.

alternator and generator

What Is The Difference Between A Generator And An Alternator

Generators and alternators are both used to generate electricity, so it is easy to understand why some people get confused between the two. However, the way that they generate said electricity makes them different.  When thinking of a generator, you might think of portable boxes that produce enough energy to power emergency basics in a […]

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firman generator

Where Are Firman Generators Made?

Firman generators are commonly used in residential homes as well as commercial buildings, and industrial areas. Despite being used so often, many people have never heard of the manufacturer Firman.  Once you realize that your building is equipped with a Firman generator, you might want to learn more about it. Today we’re going to be […]

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Can you use a portable generator on a boat?

Can you use a portable generator on a boat?

The comforts and entertainment expected with modern boating often have energy demands that only an on-board generator can meet. A 12-Volt lead-acid battery isn’t always going to cut it. But if mishandled or neglected while at sea, portable generators are a known fire hazard and have been associated with several boating accidents and fatalities. But […]

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natural gas generators

Can you run a portable generator on natural gas?

If you are done with the noise, smell, and hassle of a typical gasoline or diesel generator, a natural gas portable generator might be just the solution for you! After all, not all fuels are equal. You may not have been aware that portable generators can run on natural gas, but in fact, natural gas […]

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deep cycle batteries

The Difference Between a Deep-Cycle Battery and a Regular Battery

The amount of technology we rely on in everyday life makes portable energy sources essential. We can power our cellphones and laptops with lithium-ion batteries, run flashlights from alkaline ones, and many of our watches depend on batteries constructed with silver oxide. Even though car batteries seem more old-fashioned than the above battery types, they […]

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bouncy house

Best Generator For Inflatables And Bouncy Houses

When a birthday or other special events come up there is nothing quite like creating a carnival atmosphere for your child and a handful of their best friends and relatives to celebrate in. Cotton candy, games with prizes, and of course that staple that’s always fun for everyone, the Bounce House. These memorable occasions generate […]

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cost of a generator

Generator Cost? (Price & Cost Breakdown)

Do you need to go on a trip and worry that you won’t have electricity? Will you be away from home for several days and have to stay connected to civilization? What you need to correct these situations and any others where there is a power failure or difficulty in accessing the supply, is a portable […]

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servicing a generator

How to Make a Generator

A generator is an electrical device that makes use of alternating magnetic fields to create an electric current using a wire circuit. In essence, it turns mechanical energy into electrical power to be used in a separate circuit.   The instructions given below are to make a small generator, but it operates on the same basic […]

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old generator

What is Carb Compliance? (Clean portable generator advice)

You may have seen certain products, usually the likes of generators and vehicles, claiming to be CARB-compliant. But what does this actually mean?  CARB stands for the California Air Resources Board.  The board acts as the “clean air agency” within the government of California and was established in 1967 when then-governor Ronald Reagan signed the […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Whole House Generator?

To answer the question posed above it would be easy to simply dismiss it and say, “it depends”. Whilst this is true, and it very much does depend on a number of different factors, you will need far more detail to truly find out about any costs involved in the installation of a generator for […]

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