Portable Generator Power when off grid or emergencies

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Complete portable generator buyers guide. We review and test many generators and bring you our findings to allow you to buy a generator which is best suited to your needs.

electric panel

How to Connect a Portable Generator to an Electrical Panel

A portable generator can provide you with a fantastic emergency power supply in the event of a blackout when the power goes down. It can provide you with the power to ensure that important appliances stay working. It is intended for important appliances only and not all of them, it can prevent problems by maintaining […]

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What Size Wire for 50 amp

What Size Wire for 50 amp?

When it comes to amp’s, your wiring must be the correct size. The correct wire allows for a perfect energy transfer and saves you with any issues later down the line. After all, who wants to deal with the smell from a melted wire? But knowing what size wire is suitable for a 50 amp […]

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Predator 8750 Generator

Predator 8750 Generator Review

Power is everything. We’re reliant on it for every single moment of every single day, and while we don’t ascribe it any monetary value or cherish it as a source of wealth, it is more beneficial to humanity than all of the riches under the sun. Without it, we’d be lost and left to flounder […]

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Can you charge an electric car with a generator?

Can a portable generator charge an electric car?

When it comes to passenger vehicles, more and more people are making the switch over to electric cars. While Tesla may be leading the charge in that direction, other leading automotive players from the US and beyond, like Chevrolet and Nissan, have also built impressive electric vehicles (or EVs) of their own. Still, one obstacle […]

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connect a generator to a house

How to Connect Generator to House without Transfer Switch

If you have any experience with using a household generator, you’ll probably know about – or at least have heard of – transfer switches.  A transfer switch (also referred to as a transfer switch panel) is a switch that essentially allows a homeowner to transfer between 2 power sources.  Transfer switches offer a safer and […]

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How To Start A Generator

How To Start A Generator (Beginners Guide)

How to start a generator? Perhaps you have a new generator, or this is your first one. Or maybe you have an old generator that you haven’t used in years and you aren’t quite so fresh on how to get it going. Either way, you are here and need to know how to get your […]

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Is it Bad to Let a Generator Run Out of Gas

Is it Bad to Let a Generator Run Out of Gas?

Generators are useful appliances that convert mechanical energy into electricity in the case of a power outage, to provide power to RVs when traveling, in case of damage to the grid, and other essential applications. However, these appliances need fuel for operation and it goes without saying that at one point the fuel in the […]

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jackery power station

7 Best Battery Generator for Camping – 2021 Updated Review

So, you’re going camping and maybe worried about missing out on modern-day gadgets that we all can’t live without like Laptops, Electric grills, and even your Nintendo Switch? Well, there’s no need to worry as you can buy a battery generator for camping. Basically these are very powerful battery packs that can even be recharged […]

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800w Dirty Hand TOOLS Review

800 Watt Generator | Dirty Hand Tools 800Watt Review

A 0.55-gallon (2.1 L) fuel tank is enough to keep this little 40cc engine running on half-load for up to 7 hours. Efficient and the easy-to-pull recoil start, make it a great machine to take on a camping trip. The 1.4 horsepower engine is small, but then it is quiet, 58 dB. The main panel […]

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50 amp portable generator

Top 3 50 Amp Portable Generators

When it comes to the personal use of portable generators, one of the most common varieties are the generators with 50-amp outlets. These generators come with a wide array of features to provide different sets of functions, providing you with ample choice to power what you need just the way you need to. Within this […]

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