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Deep Cycle Batteries

deep cycle battery in cold weather

Best Deep Cycle Battery For Cold Weather

A deep cycle battery is imperative in a lot of situations but using them in extreme conditions can mean that they don’t function as you would expect them to. That said, there are some deep cycle batteries that will perform even when placed under the duress of cold temperatures so if you live in a […]

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Battery Power For Pop Up Campers

Battery Power For Pop Up Campers (Battery Guide)

Heading off into nature is something that a lot of us like to do. Having a pop up camper gives you the freedom to explore the country without having to haul around a huge caravan but with the advantage of not having to pitch a tent. You might say this accommodation gives you the best […]

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How Long Can You Discharge A Deep Cycle Battery

How Long Can You Discharge A Deep Cycle Battery?

Deep cycle batteries are used in a wide range of applications such as electric wheelchairs, golf carts, floor scrubbers, and off grid renewable energy. However, since these batteries are designed to release slow energy and then undergo a charge, many people wonder how long you can discharge your deep cycle battery before it needs to […]

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How long will a deep cycle battery run a TV?

Running a Television with a deep cycle battery is nothing new but it’s definitely a fun subject. Let’s assume that you want to run your television in the deep woods while camping and you’ve got an AGM battery with you. How long would a deep cycle battery run a TV? Well, assuming you’ve an AMG […]

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deka batteries

Deka Marine Battery Review

Trying to find the highest quality battery for your boat, jet ski, snowmobile, or other small craft is a whole lot harder than most people expect. No, it’s not because there are so few great options out there to pick and choose from. It’s because there are so many! Every company promises the moon and […]

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charging a deep cycle battery

Can You Overcharge A Deep Cycle Battery?

Smart chargers for your deep cycle battery are a good idea. The main reason for this is that they have voltage regulators which can determine when your battery has reached a proper level of charge and then, consequently, shut themselves off. This leads to a question that we get quite often from our readers which […]

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Can You Use A Marine Battery In A Truck?

Marine deep cycle batteries are good at what they do. Running electronics and just about anything that you need for long periods of time is a definite plus. Understandably you might want to take advantage of this and it’s natural to wonder, ‘Can you use a marine battery in a truck?”. You can use a […]

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boat battery

How To Charge A Boat Battery On The Water

So, you‘ve got your new boat and it has a marine deep cycle battery in it. At this point you are probably excited to get out on the water while the battery is pre-charged, but you’re likely also  wondering how to charge a boat battery on the water if you need to. First off, your […]

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car battery

Can You Charge A Marine Battery With A Car Charger?

Lots of people like to tinker, taking things apart to see how they work, creating hybrid technologies at home for personal use… it’s an addiction, frankly, and one of the few good kinds. One thing that you might be wondering if you own a boat is this – Can you charge a marine battery with […]

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Deep Cycle Battery Vs AGM

Deep Cycle Battery Vs AGM (What’s the difference?)

Deep cycle batteries come in a few varieties and if you aren’t familiar with them then things can get a little confusing. Today we’re going to clear the fog a little by comparing the most popular deep cycle battery types so that you can get a better idea of their differences. So, deep cycle battery […]

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