How long will a deep cycle battery run a TV?

Running a Television with a deep cycle battery is nothing new but it’s definitely a fun subject. Let’s assume that you want to run your television in the deep woods while camping and you’ve got an AGM battery with you. How long would a deep cycle battery run a TV? Well, assuming you’ve an AMG […]

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Deka Marine Battery Review

Trying to find the highest quality battery for your boat, jet ski, snowmobile, or other small craft is a whole lot harder than most people expect. No, it’s not because there are so few great options out there to pick and choose from. It’s because there are so many! Every company promises the moon and […]

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Can You Overcharge A Deep Cycle Battery?

Smart chargers for your deep cycle battery are a good idea. The main reason for this is that they have voltage regulators which can determine when your battery has reached a proper level of charge and then, consequently, shut themselves off. This leads to a question that we get quite often from our readers which […]


Can You Use A Marine Battery In A Truck?

Marine deep cycle batteries are good at what they do. Running electronics and just about anything that you need for long periods of time is a definite plus. Understandably you might want to take advantage of this and it’s natural to wonder, ‘Can you use a marine battery in a truck?”. You can use a […]