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Complete portable generator buyers guide. We review and test many generators and bring you our findings to allow you to buy a generator which is best suited to your needs.

Do Solar Chargers Need Direct Sunlight

Do Solar Chargers Need Direct Sunlight?

The idea of using solar is so exciting, you can generate your own power wherever you are. When I started really considering the possibility of using solar a few things made me pause.  Solar panels charge in proportion to the amount of sunlight. The angle of your panel to the angle of the sun is […]

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Do Solar Chargers Save Money

Do Solar Chargers Save Money?

Solar technology is an investment that will save you money over the life of the product. This is true of large solar arrays that are installed at home, but what about smaller solar chargers? Charging your cell phone costs you less than a dollar a year, so a solar charger will not save you money. […]

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How Long Do Solar Phone Chargers Lastt

How Long Do Solar Phone Chargers Last?

My family loves to road trip and camp, so we bought a solar phone charger to keep on the dash while we drive. It is a nice backup if we need to charge our phones while out exploring.  On average, solar phone chargers last between 4 and 5 years. Monocrystalline is the most durable and […]

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survival kit

Why A Power Bank Is So Important In A Survival Kit?

A lot of us take our creature comforts for granted. We spend so much time using electronic devices and as soon as the charge wanes, we just plug them into the wall and before you know it, they’re ready to use again. This convenience, for many people in the younger generation, is part of life. […]

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deep cycle battery in cold weather

Best Deep Cycle Battery For Cold Weather

A deep cycle battery is imperative in a lot of situations but using them in extreme conditions can mean that they don’t function as you would expect them to. That said, there are some deep cycle batteries that will perform even when placed under the duress of cold temperatures so if you live in a […]

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Battery Power For Pop Up Campers

Battery Power For Pop Up Campers (Battery Guide)

Heading off into nature is something that a lot of us like to do. Having a pop up camper gives you the freedom to explore the country without having to haul around a huge caravan but with the advantage of not having to pitch a tent. You might say this accommodation gives you the best […]

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battery backup for gas furnace

Battery Backup for a Gas Furnace

In this article, we take a look at your options for backup electrical power for your gas furnace so you can prepare your household with a backup option that will keep you confident that you won’t lose heat in a power cut.

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breaking in a new generator

How to break in a new Generator (12 Step Guide)

In this article, we will explain why breaking in your generator is so important, and the key steps to priming and prepping your genny so that it will purr like a kitten as it generates the clean power you need.

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portable generator

How long does it take for a generator to cool down?

Any portable, compact device that contains an internal combustion engine is going to generate a significant amount of heat! This means that once your generator is running, you need to be very careful with handling and refueling it. Waiting for your generator to cool down is always best, but just how long does it take […]

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portable generator

Do Portable generators have overload protection? (Signs to look out for)

Your generator is a vital piece of equipment for both backup power and emergency use. In the event of mains power disruption you will rely on your generator to take over the powering of your property, or alternatively provide a reliable power supply in an off-grid location. Hopefully, it is properly matched and rated for […]

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