battery backup for gas furnace

Battery Backup for a Gas Furnace

On long cold winter nights, the reassuring hum of your gas furnace is a real comfort. Many gas furnace owners feel confident that they have a reliable source of warmth, even in emergency situations. But if your gas furnace has an electric start, what do you do when the power goes out? In this article, […]

generator in a hurricane

How to Use a Generator in a Hurricane

How to use a generator safely in hurricane season? That’s a loaded question – it may prove really difficult to safely use a generator during a storm or hurricane. As we discuss below, you are constantly faced with two opposing problems. You have to protect the generator from the elements, but if you place it […]


Backfeeding Power is Dangerous and May Be Illegal

Using a generator can provide significant relief if there is a power outage in your area. Many homeowners have generators available for that very purpose. One major problem, especially with smaller, portable generators, is the potential for “backfeeding” while trying to power essential appliances in your home. This is not only dangerous – potentially lethal […]

Will a 20KW Generator Run My House?

Will a 20KW Generator Run My House?

If you’re tired of being left in the dark every time there’s a power outage, you’ve probably been thinking about buying a generator. However, when you start your search for the perfect generator, there are a few things you need to consider. The most important of these is the amount of power your chosen generator […]

running a generator

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Generator?

There are loads of situations where you might need to employ the help of a generator. Whether you’re working in a remote location, out on a camping trip, or looking for a way to provide power during a blackout, a generator is the perfect tool for the job.  However, one thing that a lot of […]