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Best Portable Power Station Review 2020 Updated!

Over the last few years phones, laptops and cameras have taken a huge leap forward in technology and their ability to run for longer and need charging less and less is apparent.

However, our thirst to use them more and more has increased often the technology cannot keep up with the demands we put on these devices.

Earlier power banks would give us that little extra boost in power right when needed it and was able to re-charge our phones and keep our laptops going for a few extra vital hours.

Now, we have Power Stations like the ones in this review that have the power output and battery life to keep use going for many hours often days depending on the type of equipment being used.

My friend is a professional photographer and his equipment and job demands he has plenty of backup batteries and chargers. These days he carries less and less thanks to using a Jackery 240 Power Station.

This compact little unit will not just charge his phone but will also run a 60 Watt device for over 4 hours on a single charge. You then have the option to put the Jackery Power Station on charge using either a car charger or the handy solar foldaway panels.

Another place where these power banks come into their own is in remote locations. Whether it’s camping, extreme sports, Hiking, Fishing, or any other activity that demands backup devices for running and charging Sat Navs, Fishing equipment or Safety gear you can rest assured that you always have portable power on hand. 

Top Tip: Power banks are normally smaller units that hold less power and use for a one time only charge on smaller devices like phones. Power Stations are bigger and more powerful units that hold more wattage and can run larger more demanding appliances for longer.

And when I say portable power we don’t just mean one quick phone charge we mean a never-ending supply of portable power on the go thanks to their solar charging capabilities.

Choosing a suitable portable power station from the bewildering array on sale can be very confusing. To help you make a more informed choice when purchasing a new Power Station we have put together a quick review of the TOP 5 Power Stations in our latest 2020 Review. The information in this review is an updated power bank review that saves you time and money.


5. Rockpals 300w Portable Generator

The Rockpals 300w silent portable power unit has enough energy to recharge your laptop 5-times over. A lithium-ion battery is lightweight with plenty of capacity. These types of batteries offer a reliable and smooth source of power, the safest way to power your delicate smart products.

There is a single standard 120-volt socket on the main panel, rated to 300 watts, suitable to power a wand-blender or a small fan. A 1-amp and a 2.1-amp USB socket for direct charging of small electronics, and two 3.0 USB sockets for more demanding smartphones and some laptops.

Other sockets include a 12-volt car adaptor and a 24-volt socket rated to 8 amps. The front panel has a large LCD screen where you can see the rate of charge from a solar panel, the sockets drawing energy and power consumption.

Two spotlights with separate switches, help you to see what you are doing at night. And a retractable handle makes this unit that much easier to carry. On the back, there are charging ports for the battery that will take 12 volts from a solar panel or car, and a 110-240-volt socket for direct mains charging. The solar panel is sold separately and is available on Amazon here!

  • Starting 600W — Continuous 300W.
  • Fuel Type: Lithium-ion battery.
  • Capacity: 75-amp hrs@3.7 volts, 280 Wh.
  • Tank Run-Time @ 25% Load: 3.75 hrs. 75 watts.
  • Noise Level @ 25% Load: Silent.
  • Weight: 7.3 lb. (3.31 kg).
  • Warranty: 1.5-Year.


  • Silent. You could use it as a pillow and not hear it (not recommended).
  • Excellent choice of sockets for smaller electronics.
  • Reliability is second to none
  • Modern lithium-ion battery with a lot of power.
  • Perfect for laptops, phones, and other electronic equipment.
  • Idea for photoshoots and wedding photographers


  • You would want a bag or some way to cover the sockets when taking it camping.
  • The shape makes it a little bulky

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4. Jackery Portable 240 Power station

The Jackery 240 power station uses a large 16.8 Ah lithium-ion battery, which can also power appliances needing 120 volts. A clean-looking station with simplistic features and plenty of powering options.

The front panel has a good choice of sockets and an LCD display to see battery status and rate of charge and discharge.

You can use your own car or a solar panel to charge the unit. The package comes with a car charger cable that will plug into the 12-volt outlet of your car and into the input of the station.

So, you can keep using your devices without running the battery down. You can also charge your power bank by using solar panels. Perfect for on-the-move fast charging.

Read our Complete Solar Charging Panel Buyers Guide here.

No messy fuel spills, the 110-volt outlet will power devices up to 400 watts at peak power, 200 watts at standard use. There are two USB sockets to charge small portable devices directly. Jackery has a 12-volt car outlet for running air pumps.

Being battery-powered, this station is silent, though it would not be able to power a fridge. And weighing in at only 6.6 pounds, the unit is portable and small enough to live in your car.

  • Starting 400W – Continuous 200W
  • Fuel Type: Lithium-ion Battery
  • Capacity: N/A
  • Tank Run-Time @ 25% Load: N/A.
  • Noise Level @ 25% Load: 0 dB.
  • Weight: 6.6 lb.
  • Warranty: 2-Year


  • 2 X USB Sockets
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with a large handle
  • No noise or fumes when using it.
  • Simple and will supply consistent power to sensitive electronics.
  • Perfect for phones, laptop and other tech


  • It does not have enough power to run a fridge or other home appliances.
  • When the battery dies, it will take time to recharge, unless you plug it into your car

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3.  Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Power Station

In terms of weight, the Goal Zero Power Station is a bit of a beast for a portable power station at 44 pounds. It is not the kind of weight that you would want to be dragging up a mountain. But it will be excellent for powering your party needs.

For a campsite, with a vehicle nearby, this is perfect. The Yeti would be good to use with a gasoline generator, to ensure you are getting the smoothest of power to those delicate electronics.

A Pure Sine Wave inverter powers up to 1500 watts of appliances, through one of its two 120-volt sockets.

There are also three ways to power a 12-volt supply depending on the type of socket, or even use bare wires. And in addition, four USB sockets, which includes a USB-C and a 60-watt USB-PD socket common on modern laptops.

Charging is very simple and quick from your car but you also have the option to charge it on the move with a foldable solar panel. We would use the recommended Yeti Nomad 28 available on Amazon.

Which features an auto-recharge function that will switch on and charge any device when it needs to. Very, clever!

Goal Zero has added Wi-Fi to this station so that you can see exactly what is going on through an app on your smartphone. The App also lets you control settings, turn ports on and off, and the large LCD screen will show all this information too.

  • Starting 3000W — Continuous 1500W.
  • Fuel Type: Lithium-ion battery.
  • Capacity: 396-amp hrs@3.7 volts, 1425 Wh.
  • Tank Run-Time @ 25% Load: 3.75 hrs. 75 watts.
  • Noise Level @ 25% Load: Silent.
  • Weight: 43.7 lb. (19.82 kg).
  • Warranty: 1.5-Year.


  • No noise or fumes when using it
  • Simple and will supply consistent power to sensitive electronics
  • Portable and small.
  • Perfect for small electronics, Laptops, Computer and Lights
  • Perfect for a CPAP
  • Optional solar charging panel is handy
  • Only weighs 6lbs


  • It does not have enough power to run a fridge or other home appliances
  • When the battery dies, it will take time to recharge, unless you plug it into your car

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2.  Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

This is a different version of the yeti 400, which uses a Lead acid battery. Lead-acid batteries, like car batteries, last much longer when continually recharged and discharged. But these types of batteries have the obvious disadvantage of weight over lithium-ion.

This battery will store up to 33-amp hours of power and uses a Pure-Sine Wave inverter to convert DC power to 120 volts AC.

There are two standard AC sockets on the front panel, rated to supply 300 watts. This means that it is possible to power several laptops at a time.

There are also three 12-volt sockets, one for a car-style adaptor and 2 regular 12-volt ports. And two USB ports so that you may charge a smart device directly, without an adaptor.

Charging is done through the supplied wall charger or a 12-volt solar panel which is sold separately on Amazon. We like the Yeti 7 Solar Panel.

The rate of charge is displayed, along with the watts used, and power reserve on an LCD. The display can be back-lit with a press of a button so that you can see it at night. A sturdy case and strong carry handle make the generator easier to carry.

  • Starting 600W — Continuous 300W.
  • Fuel Type: Lead-acid battery.
  • Capacity: 33-amp hrs 396 Wh.
  • Tank Run-Time @ 25% Load: 5.2 hrs.
  • Noise Level @ 25% Load: Silent.
  • Weight: 29 lb. (13.15 kg).
  • Warranty: 1-Year.


  • Lightweight compared to its bigger brother.
  • Very Quiet when running
  • Portable and small.
  • Long battery life.
  • It is possible to get more out of a solar panel and invert to 120 volts.
  • Perfect for camera equipment, lights, laptops and music


  • Heavy, heavier than an equivalent gas generator.
  • Expensive

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1.  Kyng Power Station

Kyng power is an uninterruptible power supply, which is specially designed to work with your solar panel and other generators. The generator will also charge on a wall socket so that it may function as a stand-alone unit, with enough power for overnight camping.

The inverter silently converts power from a solar panel into a smooth 120-volt supply for more demanding electronics.

And because the lithium-ion battery smooths and supplies a backup, there is no risk of losing your work, when the sun disappears behind the clouds. Battery levels are displayed on the front panel.

The 500-watt generator has an excellent choice of sockets, including three standard AC sockets controlled by a Pure Sine Wave. There are four 12-volt DC sockets and four 2.0 USB sockets that will allow you to charge smaller devices directly.

A giant 90-amp hour battery will still not be enough to power a large fridge, but it may power smaller coolers. Kyng has added a big choice of cables in with the deal, including the connector to plug in a solar panel which is available from Amazon.

The 60w Kyng Solar Panel is incredibly efficient and fast charging. Click here for the latest prices on Amazon. There is a powerful lamp on the front so that you can see what it is you are plugging in.

  • Starting 1000W — Continuous 500W.
  • Fuel Type: Lithium-ion battery.
  • Capacity: 90-amp hrs / 288-watt hrs.
  • Tank Run-Time @ 25% Load: 2.25 hrs.
  • Noise Level @ 25% Load: silent.
  • Weight: 7.05 lb. (3.2 kg).
  • Warranty: 1.5-Year.


  • It comes with plenty of adaptor cables.
  • Very Quiet when running
  • Good choice of power sockets.
  • 9 hour run time at 50% load and 4 hour run time at 100% load
  • Battery Level indicator
  • Low oil indicator and auto shut off when it runs low to prevent damage


  • Even with a fast solar charger, it will still take all day to charge as it’s a big power battery
  • Heavy

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Power Station Buyers Guide & F.A.Q

A portable power station is a rechargeable, battery-powered generator. They are small enough to carry with you in your car or backpack. These machines work without noise, fumes, or pollution.

This makes them safe for use both outside and inside. Portable power stations distinguish themselves from your standard generator with their compact design and silent function.

As they do not require flammable fuel, they are safe to keep close. Sleep warm and easy, with your trusty portable power station running an electric blanket or space heater nearby. 

Portable power stations are especially in-demand among professional photographers and other business folk.

With modern technology, cameras and laptops can hold a charge for longer than ever. You can also do more with these devices than you ever could before. This calls for more, longer-lasting power, quick.

What Can You Do With A Portable Power Station?

Portable power stations are outfitted with USB charging ports, AC outlets, DC carports, and more. They are capable of powering devices, like your music player, handheld game system, laptop, or smartphone.

Portable power stations can run your CPAP, or charge a laptop or camera. Do work in the greatest environment: wild nature. Take photos of flora and fauna. Whatever you require, your portable power station will be there.

Charge Your Devices

You may be have brought your smartphone because you were lucky enough to camp somewhere with service. Or, maybe to play a game. Whatever the case, a portable power station can easily charge your device. Make calls, send texts, play games, and more. Give your smartphone a charge and then continue the fun.

Perhaps you are feeling the whim for a camping trip but still have to work. With a portable power station, you can bring your laptop, and keep it charged each day. Type up a few thousand words and then let it charge while you go for a refreshing nature hike.

Often, lovers of the outdoors are lovers of beauty, which surely includes music. Charge your music player with a portable power station. Lean back on a lounge chair and watch the leaves while listening to your favorite tune.


Professional photographers know the value of time. The hours of the day will determine lighting, weather, and more. This is something with which a photographer must learn to

work. Finding the perfect shot and then capturing it takes immense foresight, experience, and skill. Along with, of course, time.

Sometimes a photographer will spend hours in one spot, waiting. Or, a flock of birds will present itself for a rare, rapid-fire photo opportunity. Both scenarios depend on your camera being powerful and quick. The camera will need a full battery charge to function at the necessary, optimum level.

So, you charge your camera. Great! For a couple of hours, perhaps. One of the most frustrating things is losing camera power during a really fantastic shoot, and having to head back.

With a handy portable power station, you will never have to. Just connect your camera when it needs a charge, and come away with its power fresh and new. With a portable power station, you can continue your photoshoot for not just a couple of hours, but for several. Some portable power stations even last a day, a couple of days, or more.

Power Your CPAP

There are portable power stations that can run your CPAP at camp or on the trail. They can provide power for 2-4 days of sleep, sometimes more.

A portable power station can provide you with hours to days of CPAP function. Those that come with a solar option are even more useful. Charge these while you are out of doors, and virtually never run out of power. You will not have to worry about your CPAP.

portable power station for a cpap machine

How much power do my devices use?

To help you understand how much power your devices need and use. We have listed some of the most popular items run from portable generators. Many are too big for power stations and can only be run from Portable Inverter Generators but it will give you an idea.

If you’d like to work out exactly how much power you’ll need you could take a look at our size calculator guide for a more detailed look at wattages and power usages of devices. 

AppliancesRunning WattsStart Up Watts
Clock Radio3 W5 W
Phone Charger3 W5 W
Google Nest5 W5 W
Tablet Computer10 W15 W
32 In LED TV20 W60 W
Air Purifier25 W30 W
Humidifier35 W40 W
Cooling Fan40 W60 W
Freezer40 W60 W
PS4 or Xbox50 W120 W
Lightbulb 60 W60 W60 W
Water Dispenser100 W100 W
Refrigerator150 W300 W
American Style Refrigerator200 W 500 W
Garden Strimmer300 W500 W
Submersible Water Pump350 W500 W
Music Stereo400 W400 W
Vacuum Cleaner400 W1000 W
Toaster700 W1900 W
Electric Drill800 W1100 W
Coffee Maker800 W1000 W
Washing Machine 800 W800 W
Lawn Mower1000 W1500 W
Air Fryer1400 W1400 W
Air Compressor1500 W4800 W
Oven2000 W 2000 W
Home Air Conditioner1200 W4000 W
RV Air Conditioner1300 W4500 W
Belt Sander1400 W2400 W
Hairdryer1400 W1400 W
Hammer Drill1700 W1600 W
Air Compressor – 1 HP1600 W4800 W
Welding Rig2500 W3000 W

Camp In Luxury


Camping is a very popular recreational activity. And no wonder: fresh air, beautiful nature, and rare wildlife are an intoxicating allure.

The lack of modern niceties is widely considered to be the largest drawback. At home, we have hot water, warmth, light, and other accessories whenever we ask. The outdoors has cold water sources, changeable temperatures, and nights that are often pitch-black.

A portable generator will allow you to bring to the outdoors the finer aspects of home life. For example:

Electric blankets. While it may be perfectly warm and pleasant during the day, nights in the mountains can be quite chilly. An electric blanket can make the difference between shivering, and keeping the cold at bay. You can plug a blanket (or a few) into a portable power station to keep warm at nighttime.

Water heater. You can even power a water heater with a portable power station. Some water can be heated over a fire, of course. However, this is hard to do in large quantities, and a water heater can provide you with more.

Microwave. Perhaps you are a camper that wants the real posh camping experience. With a versatile power station, you can even hook up a microwave. Enjoy popcorn and other hot snacks, fast and convenient, beneath a leafy

canopy. This truly is the modern, first-world camping experience… brought to you by your very own portable power station.

Coffee machine. Some like their coffee just one, certain way. They often have their own special machine. You can bring this along on a trip with a portable power station, for quick and easy use, and coffee you can make your favorite.

Fans. Power fans to cool off your camp on hot summer days. A portable power station will allow you to create a nice breeze.

Lights. One all of the features of portable power stations, the ability to provide light is arguably the most useful (perhaps matched by the need for heat). Lighting up your camp will allow you to continue your activities unhindered by falling dark. Light will also help keep away wildlife. This will help keep your person, and your food, secure.

Music. Should you have the pleasure of a private campsite, a portable power station will allow you to play music. Just plug in and listen. Relax to a quiet tune on your own or host a forest BBQ that is downright festive.


Eco-Friendly Energy

A portable power station will grant you access to energy in an eco-friendly fashion. Should you be a lover of the outdoors, you are no doubt seeking to help the environment as well.

For this, look no further than the portable power station. Your standard generator runs off of gasoline, propane, natural gas, or diesel.

A portable power station can gain a charge at home. Some portable power stations even have solar charging capability. You can juice these up in the sunlight for a few hours, and your portable power station will be fresh and ready to meet your power needs again.

These charging methods reduce pollutants, unsavory fumes, noise that could otherwise scare squirrels and friendly wildlife, and so on.

What to look for in a portable power station

Durability. It stands to reason that when you are taking a device on an adventure, you will want it to be durable. Some portable power stations are hardier than others.

When picking the best portable power station for you, consider the hardiness and design. What sort of usage will the station see? Make sure that the one you choose is up to the task.

Solar. Some portable power stations come with solar charge capability. This extends their outdoor life even longer because you can charge them on the trail. You will not have to return to your standard generator or house. For extended backpacking trips, and deep mountain camping, this is ideal.

Run time. The run time of a portable power station is key. How long will your trip be? Select your portable power station accordingly. The most powerful can last days, for an extended outdoor adventure. Or, perhaps you are simply looking to

charge your camera for day-long photo outings. The correct run time depends on the individual.

Jump your car. Some portable power stations can give your car a jump, should it die. No one wants to be trapped somewhere in a dead vehicle. In a stressful situation such as this, a portable power station can be a real lifesaver. Get it out of the back of the trunk, put it to use, and you will be ready to drive.

Power Output (mAh)

Your average portable power station can power a TV and some lights for 3-8 hours per charge. How can you tell how powerful a portable power station is?

These machines are measured in mAh, which is an abbreviation for milliamps per hour. This unit will indicate how long per hour a portable power station can create a specific amount of current, or mA.

A portable power station of 10,000 mAh can charge a smartphone 10 times. This, considering that your basic smartphone has an output of 1000 mA.

So, if you are planning on powering, say, a microwave or TV, you will want a high mA. For smaller devices, you will not have to invest as much.

Run Time

When it comes to choosing the best portable power station for you, the run time is key. This will decide how long you can be out and about before you will need to return.

If you are a serious photographer, a portable power station that will last a daylong shoot may be the one. Should you be looking to power a variety of things on a camping trip or the like, you will need a portable power station with a comparatively high mA.

Some units come with or have the option of portable solar panels. This is an investment that will further increase the run time. Just keep in mind that solar charging can take a while (a few hours). Remember to start your portable power station charging before a shoot, so it is ready to power your camera as soon as its battery starts to become low.

How to use a portable power station

Because a portable power station does not generate any emissions, you can use it inside as well as outside. This is a huge difference between a portable power station and many of your standard generators.

Clearly, you would not want to run a generator that releases toxic fumes in your home.

So, how do you use a portable power station? To power them up, you can charge these big batteries at a 110-volt outlet, whether from an external power source (such as a standard generator), or your home.

Many will own both a standard diesel or gasoline generator, with a portable power station on the side. This makes for double-efficiency; use a charger to charge a long-

lasting, portable battery. Transfer energy from one generator to another, and then to your device or tool.

To maximize power, you can also wire portable power stations to each other parallel.

Once you have powered up your portable power station, test that it has successfully held a charge. From here, you are good to take it with you on your camping trip or hike.

Portable Power Stations like the Jackery 240 are suitable for many situations.

Size and Weight

Generators range from the size of a toaster or small microwave to a mini-fridge. As their name implies, for the sake of portability, portable power stations are generally quite small. Many can even be stowed away in your car trunk or backpack. This makes them easy to take along for a camping trip or a hike.

Along with this, once they are charged up, portable power stations do not require fuel. This frees you from having to lug propane or gasoline.

A portable power station will allow you the freedom to venture into nature with your favorite technology, with the certainty that it will continue to work. As you leave civilization behind, you can still enjoy your laptop, smartphone, fan, or even TV.

Portable power stations are all about luxury and dependability. They will keep your devices humming and ready to go, whenever you need them.

For the modern hiker, photographer, camper, or individual, a portable power station is truly a must-have.


  • Q. Can I run sensitive equipment on a portable power station? Power stations provide a steady and controlled power supply without any spikes or leaps in wattage. Therefore they are perfectly suited for sensitive electrical devices.
  •  Q. How much should I expect to pay for a good power station? Depending on the size and power of the station you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 – $600 for a good portable power station.
  • Q. How long do power stations last? If you use your power station everyday then you can expect it to last for 2-3 years. However, if you only use it every now and then. You can expect it to last for several years.
  •  Q. How quickly do they recharge? Anywhere from 3 hours to all day depending on the unit and how you care charging it. 
  •  Q. Can you recharge them from solar panels? Yes, all power stations will have the ability to recharge from the mains, solar and even from your car 12V socket.
  • Q. Do solar charging panels work on cloudy days? You can expect around a 75% drop in performance on a cloudy day. They will still recharge your power station but it may take some time to receive a full charge using a solar panel on a dull or cloudy day.

Final Thoughts: Best Portable Power Station

So, What’s the best portable power station? To be honest there are plenty of really good portable power station and our favorite the Jackery 240 power station is just one of many great power stations available to the public.

From the information, we have given you in this article we hope you can pick out the best power station that suits your needs and budget. Remember,  biggest isn’t always best!

All the best portable power stations will come with a 2-3 year warranty and peace of mind. You also have Amazon guarantees and amazing delivery service to ensure you receive your power bank in good condition and in the quickest time possible.

Remember any link you click on our site to products are affiliate links and we may earn a small commission from your purchase.