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Size Calculator | Find Out What Size Generator You’ll Need


1. Find the wattage of your items

2. Calculate the total wattage needed

3. Find the best generator for your needs

The hardest part about buying a generator is working out what size wattage generator you’ll need. It can be a little overwhelming to understand some of the technical jargon. We are here to simplify the process for you!

The size charts below, combined with our simple method of calculating a portable generator wattage, will help you purchase the most suitable generator for your needs.

Saving you time and money!

Simply follow the 3 steps below before you make any purchase.

1. Find the wattage

Select all the appliances you would like to run from a portable generator at any one time.

AppliancesRunning WattsStart Up Watts
Clock Radio3 W5 W
Phone Charger3 W5 W
Google Nest5 W5 W
Tablet Computer10 W15 W
32 In LED TV20 W60 W
Air Purifier25 W30 W
Humidifier35 W40 W
Cooling Fan40 W60 W
Freezer40 W60 W
PS4 or Xbox50 W120 W
Lightbulb 60 W60 W60 W
Water Dispenser100 W100 W
Refrigerator150 W300 W
American Style Refrigerator200 W 500 W
Garden Strimmer300 W500 W
Submersible Water Pump350 W500 W
Music Stereo400 W400 W
Vacuum Cleaner400 W1000 W
Toaster700 W1900 W
Electric Drill800 W1100 W
Coffee Maker800 W1000 W
Washing Machine 800 W800 W
Lawn Mower1000 W1500 W
Air Fryer1400 W1400 W
Air Compressor1500 W4800 W
Oven2000 W 2000 W
Home Air Conditioner1200 W4000 W
RV Air Conditioner1300 W4500 W
Belt Sander1400 W2400 W
Hairdryer1400 W1400 W
Hammer Drill1700 W1600 W
Air Compressor – 1 HP1600 W4800 W
Welding Rig2500 W3000 W

2. Do the math

Once you have found all the appliances you want to run from one generator, you’ll need to add up the total running watts from your selected items. Then select the highest Start-Up wattage and add this to the total.

This will give you the total generator wattage you’ll need to purchase.

ExampleRunning WattageStart-Up Wattage
Cooling Fan40 W60 W
Oven 2000 W2000 W
Washing Machine800 W800 W
TOTAL2840 W2000 W
Generator Needed =4840 Watt Generator

As you can see from the example above the total running Wattage is 2840 Watts. However, you will need to account for the start-up wattage which is 2000 Watts. Therefore you’ll need to purchase a portable generator that is 4840 Watts or bigger.

3. Select a suitable Generator

The generators below have been selected from our buyer’s guides. We have included the links below.

These generators are selected for their wattage and power outputs. Once you have worked out the total wattage needed using our formula above, you can simply click on the best-sized generator below.

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