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Ozone Generator for Water Purification

Ozone generators purify water on a molecular level. It creates ozone and pumps it through the water at a specific concentration for a set amount of time. Ozone generators use high voltage electricity to split oxygen molecules and rejoin them into ozone. 

Ozone is 3 oxygen molecules as opposed to the normal 2 molecules, referred to as Dioxide. Ozone’s structure bonds easily to foreign substances in water purifying the water. This substance has a very different property than normal dioxide. 

Ozone is an irritant, and an ozone generator should always be used in a well-ventilated area. They can cause damage to people, animals, and even plants, so be sure to carefully follow all instructions in your owner’s manual. 

Ozone Generator for Water Purification


What does an ozone generator do in water?

Ozone generators create ozone using high voltage electricity and pumps the ozone through the water. This cleans the water on a molecular level. Ozone will look like bubbles in the water and may not appear to be doing anything. 

Ozone breaks down the cell walls of organic matter in water. This eliminates contaminants and leaves no smells or by-products in the water.  The structure of ozone bonds readily to electrons in water, and it quickly degrades to dioxygen free radicals, which can be damaging to people, animals, and plants. Be sure to use ozone generators in well-ventilated areas. 

The ozone oxidizes and disinfects water killing:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Viruses 
  • Spores

Ozone generators often use a lot of electricity to function, but they purify water very well. Ozone water purification is more widely used in Europe than in the US. 

While ozone gas can be very harmful to people, animals, and plants, water purified with ozone is safe for humans to consume. 

How can you make ozone water at home?

There are several ozone water purification systems available for home use. 

These small, inexpensive systems attach to your faucet and sit on the counter and purify water with ozone on demand. 

There are small systems that can be used to purify air or water available to be used at home. Be sure to read all included user manuals and follow instructions carefully when using these systems. 

There are also more professional systems that can ozonate water. These are generally designed for commercial applications and must be installed by a professional. 

Are ozone generators safe for home use?

Countertop ozone water purifiers that are designed for home use are safe, as they are designed to be used indoors. Ozone air purifiers are designed to be used in small spaces and aired out before they are occupied. 

Be sure to purchase the correct ozone purifier for your home rather than trying to modify a device you have. Prolonged exposure to ozone can lead to upper respiratory damage or death. 

It is very important to read all instructions carefully before using your ozone generator to be sure that you are adhering to all safety guidelines.

Pay attention to the amount of water you are trying to purify and the amount of ozone and time needed to accomplish this. These settings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so read your manual carefully. 

Ozone generators are often used to purify water for bottled water. Read the label on your next bottled water and see if you see the method used listed as ozonation. 

Ozone generators create ozone in different ways. Most home ozone generators use high voltage electricity to create ozone, but it can also be accomplished with ultraviolet light. 

As with any high voltage appliance, it should be inspected before use to be sure that nothing is broken. Do not use it if the cord is frayed or broken in any way and do not use it if you notice any damage to the housing or you suspect insects or mice have been inside the machine. 

Choose a safe location to set up your ozone generator and choose a room with a smoke detector in case of an electrical fire. 

Are ozone generators harmful to humans?

Ozone can be harmful to respiratory tissue in humans. Prolonged exposure over 8 hours can result in permanent damage or death. 

To safely use an ozone generator follow all instructions in the user’s manual. Each machine is different so it is important to become familiar with the specific settings that are appropriate for your project. 

These general safety tips are a good start for safely using your ozone generator:

Use in Unoccupied Spaces

Ozone generators should only be used in a room with no occupants. 

Ozone can cause damage to the respiratory system of people and pets. It is important that kids are not able to access the room where the machine is located as this can result in serious breathing trouble. 

Before entering the room, allow the room to vent for 30 minutes or more. Your manufacturer may recommend more airing time, so follow those guidelines. 

Repeat as Needed

Ozone generators are often used to remove odors from items submerged in water. If you find that the odor remains, you can repeat the cleaning cycle. 

Be careful to not expose yourself, your children, or your pets to the ozone gas. 

Clean Items

If you are using ozone to clean dirty water, try filtering it in a basic filter before putting it through a cycle with the ozone generator. 

Ozone will disinfect water but it cannot do any physical filtering. Using a simple charcoal filter like those in pitcher water filters should remove any large particles. 

If you are using ozone water to clean clothing or toys, be sure to wash off any dirt or other debris on your item. 

This will allow the ozone water to kill any bacteria, virus, fungus, or mold on the surface of the item. 

Set a Timer

Ozone generators will instruct you to use them for a specified amount of time. 

Use a timer to ensure that you are running the machine for enough time. The process of killing mold and bacteria with ozone takes time. The time is based on the level of ozone and the level of bacteria. 

Use a timer for airing out the room before entering as well. Do not guess on these times, but measure them specifically. 

Can dogs drink ozonated water?

Ozone therapy is rising in popularity for treating infections and other ailments in dogs. According to Cranberry Holistic Vet, Ozone therapy is safe for dogs when administered in the vet’s office. 

These treatments involve injecting saline that has been infused with ozone or oils that have been ozonated. These dosages are controlled by professionals. 

Some vets did report using ozonated water for pets and sending it home with clients to clean out infected wounds or skin conditions. Talk to your vet about using ozone water for your pet. 

There is some evidence that it can be helpful in treating gum disease and other oral infections. 

These studies have all been studied in controlled environments when the ozone was administered by professionals. These same results may not be seen with home ozonated water. 

Using ozonated water with your dog should be done with the advice of your vet. They are more familiar with your pet and its needs.   

If you are convinced of the benefits and it is not offered by your vet, find a holistic vet in your area and keep calling around until you find someone familiar with the treatments. 

Does Ozone dissolve in water?

Ozone does break down when it comes in contact with foreign matter, it leaves the water richer in oxygen and creates a strong cleanser that attacks the cell walls of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful substances in water. 

Ozone, a collection of three oxygen molecules, breaks down into dioxygen and a biocide that kills harmful life in water. 

The dissolved oxygen does raise the oxygen concentration in water. This extra oxygen is the water that is responsible for the health benefits associated with ozone water. 

Some vets use ozone water to treat infections on the skin, gums, feet, or under the skin. This treatment is not widely used in the US, but it is generally seen as safe. 

Does Ozone soften water?

Hard water is the result of a large number of dissolved minerals and salts in the water. Hard water can dry the skin and have other undesirable outcomes. 

Hard water can be a result of various dissolved salts and minerals in your water. Treating hard water depends on what is in the water making it hard. 

Ozone does react with minerals, so if you have done the testing to see what minerals are dissolved in your water, you can see if ozone is a good match. 

Ozone can react with:

  • Manganese 
  • Iron

So if you are battling iron hard water, then ozone will help soften your water. 

Water softening is a task that should be taken on with the help of a professional. You can start by going to your local construction store and asking about water testing. 

Many of these stores offer testing of water and follow up with recommendations on how to treat your water. These tests may be free as they are hoping to sell you a water purification system. 

Is ozonated water distilled?

Distilled water has been heated to vapor and then collected. Distillation is a form of water purification that removes minerals, electrolytes, and other salts from the water. 

Oxone water is not heated but purified. This water is very clean, but it is not free of all minerals. Ozone water is cleaned on a molecular level so any solids that are dissolved in the water will remain there unless they are removed by physical filtering. 

If you require distilled water, you will need to heat the water to vapor and collect the vapor. 

Distilled water is available at most supermarkets very affordably. 

Is ozone water healthy?

Properly ozonated water is safe to drink and safe to use to clean food. It has antibacterial and antioxidant benefits that may support the bladder and oral health. However, there needs to be much more research into some health claims surrounding ozone water. 

According to Healthline, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that ozone water can help prevent tooth decay, lessen bladder cancer risks, and even improve the outcomes when paired with traditional treatments.

These benefits have been studied when ozone water therapy is administered by professionals.  There is almost no research on the use of ozone water at home. The only other study I am aware of is the effects of ozone water on fish. 

This study found that if fish gill structures are exposed to ozone water they can become dependent on the extra oxygen in the water and can no longer breathe in non-ozone water. Therefore, we know there can be effects of the water on cell structure. 

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