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How Long Will A Generator Run On 5 Gallons Of Gas

Generators use gas to generate electricity so that they can run your appliances for a long period of time. Generators are designed to be used for multiple hours of a day, multiple days in a row. 

This is why generators are so popular when it comes to emergency power back-up and when you need a large power source inside your motorhome or RV. 

However, when you’re about to embark on a vacation with your main power source being a generator, it pays to be prepared.

If you get stuck out of range without any fuel, battery on your phone, or access to a gas station, you’re going to be in trouble. 

So, how long will a generator run on 5 gallons of gas? Let’s find out. 

5 gallons of gas will give your generator a run time of at least 8 hours. However, some generators will run for much longer than this. For example, Honda generators can run for 24 hours with 2.5 gallons of gas as it’s a very efficient generator. The load you run on the generator will also impact the length of run time on 5 gallons.


Run times of generators

Just like with anything, all generators will differ slightly in their run times. This is due to a lot of different factors such as the size of the tank to the efficiency of the generator itself.

Some generators will have very poor run times while others will impress you. 

Generators require regular maintenance to keep them as efficient as can be. If you keep on top of the cleaning and maintenance, then your generator will have a longer run time and won’t lose its efficiency so quickly. 

There are also a lot of safety features that come along with modern generators. These are to prevent the inner workings of a generator from breaking or becoming less efficient the more it’s used. 

For example, a generator might automatically shut off once the oil tank is empty. This is to avoid the engine from overheating or becoming damaged beyond repair.

These safety features can help to prolong the run time of your generator. 

Running a generator continuously

It is not often advised that you keep a generator running 24 hours a day, particularly overnight.

In fact, most generators will not be able to keep running for this long as the manufacturers will prevent it with smaller gas tanks and shut-off features. 

Running a generator continuously

Most generators will be able to run for no longer than 12 hours without stopping. So, if you wanted to have a generator on throughout the night, you could turn it on at 10 pm and it would still be running at 10 am. 

However, if you want to do this, there are some considerations that you need to take. For starters, you need a CO monitor. Even if you’re running the generator in the daytime you should have a carbon monoxide detector. 

Secondly, generators are noisy and can be very disruptive to your sleep. The final issue could be people wanting to steal your generator as you sleep if you live in an area that is not trustworthy. 

Running a generator continuously can be necessary, but it’s always necessary to give your generator a break between uses.

This allows the device to cool down and rest for an hour or so before working for another 8-hour shift. 

Running a generator on 5 gallons of gas

Gas is considered one of the best sources of fuel due to its efficiency and accessibility.

You can carry excess amounts of fuel for top-ups as and when you need it, so you don’t always need to find a gas station to refuel your generator. 

However, gas can also be dangerous to carry as it is extremely flammable and can be dangerous if you’re storing too much of it in one place.

Gas is also a little expensive, so you’ll want to know exactly what you’re paying for. 

How long you can run your generator on a certain amount of gas is different for all generators, depending on their size.

For example, a 5000-watt generator can run on 18 gallons of gas to last for 24 hours. Having said that, 18 gallons of gas is incredibly expensive. 

Another consideration is how much is going to be plugged into your generator. The more your generator is running, the shorter the run time is going to be.

So, if you want your generator to run for longer, try to limit how much you’re running from it. 

On average, 5 gallons of gas will give your generator a run time of at least 8 hours. However, some generators will run for much longer than this. For example, Honda generators can run for 24 hours with 2.5 gallons of gas. 

The lifespan of a generator

Your generator will come with a list of specifications from the manufacturer regarding the maintenance, advised run time, and specialized instructions.

These should be followed to ensure that you’re getting the most from your generator throughout its entire lifespan.  

You will need to change the oil, filter, and starting plugs periodically to keep it up and running. The manufacturer should also have told you how many hours the generator can continue running.

For example, some generators are made to run for 100 hours while others can be used for up to 1000 hours in their lifetime. 

Diesel generators can run for longer than gas generators because it isn’t degradable.

The larger the gas tank, the longer your generator will be able to run. Just make sure to not overfill it and continuously check the fuel level. 

Even if your generator has a large fuel tank, it should still be checked regularly to ensure that you don’t have any leaks or faults with your generator.  


To conclude, a generator will run for at least eight hours on 5 gallons of gas. However, some models can run up to 48 hours on only 5 gallons. The runtime on 5 gallons of gas will depend on a lot of different things. 

The size and power of your generator, how well you maintain your generator, and how many devices or appliances you are running are just a few of the factors affecting the run time of your generator. 

There is no way to say for sure how long your generator will last without all of the specifications of that particular model. However, you should be able to count on the fact that the runtime will be no shorter than 8 hours.  

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