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7 Best Dual Fuel Generators 2021

Dual fuel generators are a practical piece of equipment for any householder, business, or contractor who needs to have a convenient alternative power supply on hand for work or emergencies. Portable generators greatly facilitate the ease of use and rapid deployment of these reliable pieces of kit. The best dual fuel portable generators have such a wide range of uses, it’s certain you are likely to need one at some point. Uses include:

  • Power cuts and outages.
  • Outdoor events.
  • Powering power tools in outdoor locations or on a construction site.
  • Camping and RV power supply.
  • Boating.

…and with great value pricing that competes with the costs of hiring a generator there has never been a better time to have the best dual fuel portable generator on hand.

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Here’s a quick look at the 7 Dual Fuel Generators Reviewed

DuroMax XP12000EH Generator-12000 Watt Gas or...
DuroMax XP12000EH Generator-12000 Watt Gas or...
Constructed with a heavy-duty all metal frame and power panel - No plastic parts; Built to withstand severe weather and years of...

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What is a dual fuel portable generator?

These are smaller portable generators that can use more than one fuel source to generate the electricity you need, where and when you want it.

How do dual fuel portable generators work?

Time for just a little bit of science.

A generator is an ingenious piece of engineering that comprises a generator head, engine, fuel line, and power outlet. This is called an engine-generator set as it combines an electricity generator (similar to the wire and magnet setup of high school days) with an internal combustion engine.

Fueling the engine causes it to power the generator head using rotational force, much like a car engine. This mechanical energy is converted to electricity which is conducted out of the generator head to the outlet where it is ready for your use.

Dual fuel generators provide the option of powering your generator with the traditional choice of petrol or Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and other alternatives, which can be a cheaper and cleaner option.

Why it is worth having a dual fuel generator on hand

  1. Cheaper. Costs can mount up when you run a generator solely on petrol or diesel. The newer dual fuel design provides the opportunity to use a cheaper alternative fuel like LPG so you can save money on fuel costs over time.
  2. Cleaner.  Emissions from burning petrol or diesel to power your generator are no different from car exhaust and are undesirable if you are entertaining outdoors. LPG is certainly better for the environment too!
  3. Easier fuel storage. LPG cylinders are easily and safely stored and do not carry the risk of messy spills and careful cleanups.
  4. Flexible. The flexibility of dual fuel is ideal for owners who want to be able to use the most convenient fuel choice to power their generator when and where needed.
  5. Quieter running. If noise is a concern, running your dual fuel portable generator on LPG is quieter than petrol or diesel.

Your essential guide to buying a dual fuel generator in 2020

Despite some great savings and offers, a portable generator still requires a chunk of cash, so it is important to invest wisely and choose the best model for your requirements. Let’s take a look at some pointers that should help you pinpoint the generator you need and evaluate our top picks for the 2020s best dual fuel portable generator.

[A] What do you need your portable generator for?

There will be a difference in the capacity and capabilities of a generator required for back-up in the event of a one-off emergency versus prolonged powering of an RV or one that is used for events.

[B] Just how much electricity do you need to generate?

You will probably save money if you add up the wattage you need for the various items your dual fuel generator will power rather than opting for the maximum wattage available on the market. Remember you will also need to account for the starting or surge wattage for your items too.

[C] Know the difference between peak power and rated power.

Peak power reflects the maximum electricity output that can be generated by a unit. However peak power is not sustained and cannot be relied on to power appliances that have a matching level of consumption. It will always exceed the rated power which is the amount of lower the generator consistently produces over a prolonged period.

[D] Type of power output on the generator.

Depending on the use of the generator you will be outputs and receptacles that can cope with varied demand from 12V to 110/240V. Your outlets will need to be able to cope with multiple appliances off necessary without overloading.

[E] Fuel options.

Ensure that your dual fuel generator will cope with fuel that you will be able to readily access and store. Apart from petrol and diesel, look for bio-diesel, propane, and natural gas.

[F] Electric start Vs Pull Start generator

Recoil or pull start generators tend to be cheaper. Pull generators require successive pulls to get the generator going. Electric start generators are far easier to start as they do not require physical exertion. However this push-button start is battery powered and will, therefore, require the battery on the generator to remain fully charged.

Best Portable Dual Fuel Generators

7.Westinghouse WGen7500DF

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If you are looking for a rugged generator to put through its paces, this Westinghouse model packs a punch with a peak power or 9500 Watts. It is easily switched between gasoline and propane and will run steadily for 20 hours depending on its load. With a full 6.6 liter tank of gas, you can expect around 16 hours of power.

One of the best features of this dual fuel portable generator is the push button and remote electric start. It’s amazing that you can get this thing up and running by simply pushing the wireless control button on the key fob from over 100 yards away.

You have all the outlets you need for household and recreational use and are capable of providing total household power if needed.


✅ 7500 Watts rated power

✅ 9500 Watts peak power

✅ Gasoline or Propane

✅ 4 stroke engine

✅ Push-button and remote key fob electric start

✅ Up to 20 hours runtime

✅ Auto shutdown when oil is low

✅ Oil and oil funnel supplied

✅ Multiple outlets: Twist lock outlet: 120V 30A with rubber cover & Two 120V household outlets with rubber covers

✅ Wheeled design

✅ Product dimensions: 27.2 x 26.1 x 26 inches

✅ Product weight: 194 pounds

✅ 3 year limited lifetime warranty

✅ Technical support provided


  • This is a smart generator! The VFT Data Center is an outstanding feature and allows you to receive updates on the generator’s performance and maintenance. 
  • The hardened steel frame, rugged wheels and foam grip handle to keep this generator up to the rigors of movement.
  • You get a decent 3-Year Warranty as well as technical support for the lifetime of the generator.


  • Users of this generator have reported problems such as wheels breaking, engine failure, or a failure to start up.


6. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel

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This is a real smart unit that is very compact and accessible. This makes it a great choice for RV owners, camping trips, or construction work around your property. It runs on propane and gasoline and you can enjoy up to 14 hours of clean power on propane with a quarter load and expect up to 3100 Watts running wattage.

The three-way switch electric start is quick and simple and all controls can be accessed via a quick touch control panel. This is a great partner for camping or boating trips as it runs quietly with only 59 dB of noise generated as it operates. Safety comes first with low oil shut off and air cooling so your unit does not run hot!


✅ 3,400 Watts starting wattage

✅ 3,100 Watts running wattage

✅ Gasoline or Propane

✅ 4 stroke single cylinder engine

✅ Battery-powered electric start

✅ Over 7 hours runtime on gasoline

✅ Over 14 hours runtime on propane

✅ Ultra-quiet operation

✅ 0.6 quarts oil capacity

✅ Multiple outlets: RV outlet: 120V 30A & Two household outlets: 120v 20A

✅ Wheeled design

✅ Product dimensions: 25.1 x 17.3 x 18.3 inches

✅ Product weight: 95.7 pounds

✅ 3 year limited lifetime warranty

✅ Technical support provided


  • This is an Environmental Protection Agency certified product.
  • A compatible propane hose is included with this unit.
  • This is an optimal parallel lot that allows you to increase the output of this generator. Two 2800 watt inverters can be connected for a boost when you need it!
  • It’s great that as a Championcustomer you enjoy free technical support for the lifetime of this generator.    


  • This model can run a little louder than described.
  • A number of purchasers have reported problems with the propane delivery and running the generator on propane. It remains otherwise very popular.


5. DuroStar DS10000EH Portable Generator

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This is a heavy-duty generator which belies its contained portable design. It is wheeled which is a good thing because this generator is heavy. However, for its size, it smashes out well over 8000 Watts on gasoline or propane, enough to keep a house going a good while in the event of a power outage.

This hybrid generator property videos safe and consistent service due to its proprietary 18 horsepower engine. A comprehensive power panel provides convenient access to controls and the outlets. Controls on this generator include:

  • Idle Control
  • RV Switch
  • Engine Shutoff Switch
  • Keyed Electric Start
  • Volt Meter
  • Circuit Breakers.

You can feel confident using this generator with your RV knowing it has been approved for use in the National Parks by the EPA. Though not whisper quiet it should run with under 80 decibels of noise.


✅ 10,000 Watts starting wattage

✅ 10,000 Watts starting wattage

✅ Gasoline or Propane

✅ 440cc, 18 horsepower overhead valve engine

✅ Electric start and the engine shut off switch

✅ Quiet operation

✅ Two 120V outlets

✅ Can be operated at 120 or 240V

✅ Wheeled design

✅ Product dimensions: 40 x 29 x 27.5 inches

✅ Product weight: 239 pounds


  • This dual fuel portable generator has its fans as it can power a house for four days straight!
  • EPA and CARB approved
  • 8.3 Gallon Large Fuel Tank
  • Long run time
  • All steel construction
  • RV Ready with Switch


  • A number of users report that customer support is lacking for this product.


4. DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel

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This heavy-hitting generator is rugged and reliable and can take in the demands of a heavy electrical load as it has a 12,000 Watt surge capacity and delivers 9500 running wattage.

You can choose from 120 or 240V delivery which can be connected to your home or equipment via standard outlets. Despite its powerful output it is low noise and is suitable to power an RV in a campground or park. The idle control on this generator keeps your dollars in your pocket as it will automatically lower its RPMs when not in use.

There is also a low oil shut off too. Everything can be easily managed from its control panel that spreads across the side of the generator.


✅ 12,000 Watts starting wattage

✅ 9,500 Watts running wattage

✅ Gasoline or Propane

✅ 457cc, 18 horsepower OHV engine

✅ Electric start and engine shut off switch

✅ Quiet operation

✅ Multiple outlets: Two 120V household outlets, One 120V 30A twist-lock outlet, One 240V 30A outlet, One 240V 50A outlet.

✅ Can be operated at 120 or 240V

✅ Low oil shut-off

✅ Wheeled design

✅ Product dimensions: 30 x 29 x 26 inches

✅ Product weight: 224 pounds


  • Rugged and chunky wheels can take the weight of this generator
  • This generator has been reported to hit above its weight and provides great value for money
  • Electric start is straightforward, ensure the battery for this remains charged,
  • Users report that this generator runs very efficiently on gasoline. One gallon per hour was adequate to power a fridge, several computers, multiple freezers, AC, and lighting simultaneously!


  • Newbies to using a generator may run into some teething problems. Issues may be due to problems with adjusting the 4 stroke engine, connecting the battery for the generator, or turning off the autothrottle switch before starting the generator. Better support will help iron out and troubleshoot such issues.


3. WEN DF475T Dual Fuel

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The WEN 4,750 Watt dual fuel generator is a tidy package for on-demand electricity in a variety of settings. This easy-going electric start generator will be just as at home in your workshop as at your campground.

Gasoline provides the surge wattage of 4750 Watts while the output you get with propane is slightly less at just over 4300Watts. Filling the tank with 4 gallons of gasoline produces around 11 hours of power at half load.

The straightforward control panel provides the key outlets you expect as well as a 47-inch propane hose to connect your gas.


✅ 4,750 Watts starting wattage

✅ 3,800 Watts running wattage

✅ Gasoline or Propane

✅ 120V or 240V voltage selector

✅ 224cc, 4-stroke OHV engine

✅ Pull start

✅ 4-gallon tank

✅ Multiple outlets: Two 120V household outlets, One NEMA 30A twist-lock outlet, One 12 V cigarette-lighter plug

✅ Can be operated at 120 or 240V

✅ Wheeled design

✅ Product dimensions: 23.2 x 17.5 x 18.5 inches

✅ Product weight: 106 pounds


  • Highly portable wheeled design is ideal for outdoors
  • Compact and easy to store


  • It is a pull-start generator, it may not be apparent from the sales info
  • It does not provide 120V and 240V simultaneously
  • Support for this generator is lacking


2. Westinghouse iGen4500DF

Read customers reviews on Amazon ↗️

If you are new to owning a generator or big on outdoor recreation this is a very user-friendly design that is modern compact and has great utility. It has definitely been designed for the i-generation with its 2 USB ports alongside the regular outlets you expect for a portable generator.

Beyond the good looks, this remains a serious piece of kit that can thrash out over 3,700 Watts of clean power, the kind that is suitable for all the family’s tech gear.

The wheelie case style design with a retractable handle and chunky wheels make this relatively lightweight generator very easy to move and ensures it will be a popular piece of kit in any household.


✅ 3,700 Watts rated wattage

✅ 4,500 Watts peak wattage

✅ Gasoline or Propane

✅ 120V or 240V voltage selector

✅ 224cc, 7.3 horsepower OHV engine

✅ Electric start and remote-controlled

✅ 3.4-gallon tank

✅ Multiple outlets: One 120V household outlets, One 30A twist-lock outlet, Two USB outlets

✅ Can be operated at 120 or 240V

✅ Wheeled design

✅ Product dimensions: 24.5 x 17.5 x 20 inches

✅ Product weight: 104 pounds

✅ 3 year limited lifetime warranty


  • Smart, modern and streamlined design
  • Wireless remote start from over 100 yards, means that you can return to the campsite to find your lights on!
  • Tech-friendly ports


  • A number of users report product failures with limited support.


1. Pulsar 7, 750W Dual Fuel

Read customer reviews on Amazon ↗️

This is a rugged and reliable emergency generator that will deliver a consistent 6250 Watts with gasoline in the 6.6-gallon tank. At half load, you can get over 13 hours of use, making it a sound supplier of backup power.

A great feature of this generator is its ability to switch over to propane power while the generator is still in use. It is rugged enough for outdoor use and its no-flat tires and handle will take the strain of wheeling it around.


✅ 7,750 Watts surge wattage

✅ 6,250 Watts running wattage

✅ Gasoline or Propane

✅ Electric start and recoil backup

✅ 3.4-gallon tank

✅ Multiple outlets: Four 120V household outlets, one 120V/240V twist-lock outlet, one 120V twist-lock outlet,1 to 12V DC output

✅ Can be operated at 120 or 240V

✅ Wheeled design

✅ Product dimensions: 31.5 x 21.3 x 230 inches

✅ Product weight: 205 pounds


  • This mid-range generator provides a consistent output which just what you need for AC or backup power.
  • The Switch & Go feature allows you to use both fuel types simultaneously.
  • 3 in 1 digital meter
  • 10″ No-flat tires
  • 13 hrs run time on half load
  • Low Oil Indicator With Low Oil Shutdown


  • Varying the fuel can affect the consistency of electrical output
  • As with the other generators reviewed, product failures have been reported.



Q. How long can I expect my dual fuel generator to run?

A. This is entirely dependent on the model of dual fuel generator you choose to buy. Portable generators can run for anywhere between a few hours to several days continuously, but it is important to note that they cannot be run continuously for a prolonged period. This is because the engine that drives the generator will need essential downtime and maintenance. In terms of longevity, most manufacturers offer no more than a 5-year warranty for a portable generator, which is reflective of the typical lifespan.

Q. What are the benefits of using gasoline in my generator?

A. Gasoline has long been the fuel of choice for generators as it is widely available and many generators are engineered to utilize this fuel efficiently. It is highly flammable and easily spilled so it needs to be carefully stored.

Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of diesel?

  • Diesel is a widely available fuel that is not as volatile as petrol and so can be more readily stored.
  • Generators that use diesel tend to have a very good service life.
  • Diesel tends to be cheaper than petrol for running generators.
  • Diesel engines do run noisily and smokey, due to carbonization of the fuel injectors.
  • These generators will require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Maintenance tasks for A dual fuel portable generator

Here are some generator maintenance top tips:

  • Store your generator empty when not in use.
  • If keeping your generator on standby for a prolonged period, power it up every so often for a short interval to ensure it will be ready to deploy when you need it.
  • Clean the air filter for the generator regularly, after every 150 hours of use.
  • Change your generator’s spark plugs after every 200 hours of service.
  • First oil change after the first 39 hours of use and thereafter the oil should be changed every 100 hours.
servicing a dual fuel generator

How much should I expect to pay for a portable generator?

As you can see from our round-up of the best dual fuel portable generator picks, the price of a generator does vary. In fact, you can find yourself paying anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the specifications of the generator you choose.

Portability and dual fuel functioning already add a premium to the cost of a generator. But in addition the fuel type and efficiency, electrical start Vs pull-start, and the presence of any monitoring systems will also impact your wallet.

The most important factor determining the cost of a generator will be the power output of that generator. More power (watts) means more money, and larger models that have an output of several thousand watts will easily exceed a thousand dollars.

Editors Choice

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 9500 Peak...
  • 7500 Rated Watts and 9500 Peak Watts (Gasoline); 6750 Rated Watts and 8550 Peak Watts (Propane); 6.6 Gallon...
  • Intuitive Control Panel Features Two GFCI 5–20R 120V Household Duplex Outlets and One L14-30R 120/240V 30A...
  • Plug-and-Play: Comes With a Remote Start Key Fob, 12V Battery Charger, Oil, an Oil Funnel, a Tool Kit, and a...
  • Powered by a 420cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Engine Featuring a Long-Lasting Cast Iron Sleeve With Automatic...
  • All Westinghouse Portable Generators are Functionally Tested in the Factory and May Contain Minimum Residual...

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Rounding up: Best Portable Dual Fuel Generator

A portable generator is a sound investment if you need an alternate source of power for your home, hobby, or business. Thankfully advancement in the design and engineering of portable generators has meant that you can obtain a convenient and easy to use model for a reasonable cost.

Dual fuel generators are a great way of keeping electricity generation clean and cost-effective and are definitely a very practical choice if you need an all-rounder. Remember to familiarise yourself fully with the safe usage of your generator as well as its maintenance and the limits of its performance.


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