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Complete portable generator buyers guide. We review and test many generators and bring you our findings to allow you to buy a generator which is best suited to your needs.

generator not working

Why Does My Generator Keep Shutting Off?

Whether you’re feeding electricity into your home during a sudden power outage or you’re working in a remote location with your trusty power tools, there’s no denying how useful a generator is.  However, one situation that every generator owner is almost guaranteed to encounter at some point is their generator shutting off for no apparent […]

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whole house generator

How Often Should You Exercise Your Backup Generator?

A backup generator is a really useful piece of equipment for any home, especially if your local power grid is susceptible to a high number of power failures. However, just all machinery, you do need to test your generator from time to time to make sure that it’s still running smoothly. Testing a generator is […]

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fixing a generator

Why Is My Generator Not Producing Power

Generators are excellent devices that can provide you with power when you absolutely need it. Even when every other power source fails you, you can count on a generator to help you in a pinch. That is until your generator stops producing power as well.  No one wants to deal with a broken machine, particularly […]

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How Does An Electric Generator Work

An electric generator is a machine that can produce electricity when the mains power is unavailable. An electric generator does not need any assistance from other power sources as the inner workings are enough to create its own source of electricity.  Electric generators can relate to small, portable machines that can be taken on vacation […]

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grounding a generator

How To Ground A Generator When Camping

While camping, a portable generator can prove invaluable to help you with a variety of tasks. They are often the only source of power while you’re out in the wilderness, so they can charge your devices and run your small camping appliances as well.  We’re going to be looking at what grounding is, why it […]

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How Does A Portable Generator Work?

Generators are excellent for ensuring that you always have enough power to your house, gathering, or motorhome. You can get large generators to fit inside your house to act as an emergency power source should the power go out and you desperately need your appliances up and running.  Alternatively, a portable generator is much more […]

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Outdoor Extension Cord

How To Protect Outdoor Extension Cord From Rain DIY

There are a number of reasons why you might be interested in taking an extension cord outside your home, such as lighting an outdoor gathering of friends, being able to charge your devices away from the generator, or keeping your mower running to the back of your garden.  No matter why you need an extension […]

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How Long Will A Generator Run On 5 Gallons Of Gas

How Long Will A Generator Run On 5 Gallons Of Gas

Generators use gas to generate electricity so that they can run your appliances for a long period of time. Generators are designed to be used for multiple hours of a day, multiple days in a row.  This is why generators are so popular when it comes to emergency power back-up and when you need a […]

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bypass oil sensor on a generator

How To Bypass Low Oil Sensor On Generator

Bypassing the low oil sensor on a generator is possible, although it’s not always advised. If your generator is warning you that there is low oil inside of the device, you should check the oil level to ensure that nothing is wrong with your generator.  The low oil sensor is primarily helpful on a generator […]

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stick welder

Can You Run A Stick Welder On A Generator

A stick welder, or a Shielded Metal ARC Welder (SMAW), is the most common welding tool used. The stick welder takes a fixed-length electrode as well as an electric power source to join two pieces of metal together.  Stick welders are one of the most sought after welding tools out there, so it makes sense […]

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