Portable Generator Power when off grid or emergencies

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Best Emergency Power Generator for Preppers

If you are a person who cares about being ready for any possible scenario, then one thing you may want to consider is how you will get power should anything happen to the power grid. In the unfortunate event you are let without any power, one thing that could allow you to regain a bit of normality would be an emergency power generator.

In times of crisis, power can be extremely helpful toward your successful navigation of the situation. Having the ability to keep the lights on and make sure that you can keep your food refrigerated can be taken for granted but we can say for certain that you would miss them when they are gone!

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Which type of generator should I choose?

Usually, there are only 2 appropriate options to choose from when it comes to generators. It’s important to make sure you end up with right type of generator that suits your needs, as otherwise you could end up with a product that would be inefficient for your requirements.

Portable Generators

Best suited for use in a home or an RV, a portable generator is generally classified as a generator that can be moved without the use of special equipment. These generators will typically come with wheels and handles that allow for it to be relocated quite easily.

These generators are especially useful if you foresee the need to move and take your emergency power with you. They will fit relatively easily in your car or RV and so can prove very useful.

Stationary Generator

Only really applicable to a home setting, a stationary generator will be a permanent fixture once put in and will give power to your home. Otherwise known as in-line generators, these generators are required to be hard-wired to the main fuse board of your home and are much harder to move than portable generators.

do preppers need a generator
Many Preppers consider a source of power one of the most important pieces of equipment

You may find that, as a prepper, this type of generator does not suit your needs. You may want a generator that can help power devices around your home but that you can also easily take away with you should you need to – a stationary generator just does not allow for that.

However, should you have a plan to bunker down in your home and just need a single powerful generator and have a place to keep it, then you may want a stationary generator.

Our Top 3 Generators for Preppers

The three we have listed below offer something for everyone. If you’re looking for total power output but at an affordable price then the Champion generator wins it for us.

If you want portability and still want enough power for most appliances then the Generac would be our choice. And for all-round functionality and the ability to have endless power then the Jackery with solar panels would be the best choice for preppers looking for complete control over their power source.

Is a generator necessary for prepping?

When it comes to prepping, a generator will be one of your most important tools. Even in a situation like a short power cut, it will allow you to keep your refrigerator running and turn some lights on and allow you to retain some creature comforts until full power is restored.

Should you be in a situation where the full power grid goes offline, then your generator becomes so much more important to your wellbeing. You can power a heater, charge your phone, and keep food refrigerated or frozen.

Even if you wanted to leave your home in such an event, a portable generator could allow you to power items elsewhere as you could take it with you in an RV or in the boot of your car.

What to know before you buy?

As a concept, a power generator is rather simple. It converts fuel into electricity you can use to power appliances. However, for a first-time buyer it can be a little overwhelming. We will go over a few things to consider that can help you along your way.

What are your power needs?

Knowing how much power you will actually need from your generator is an important factor in figuring out the product you need. Simply add up all the peak wattages of your appliances and then overshoot that mark just a bit. This will give you enough power to start up and continue running your generator.

Do you need Portable or Stationary?

You will need to decide on whether you require a more powerful stationary generator or a more maneuverable portable generator. Consider the space you have for your generator and if you have the room for the stationary generator, if you do not then you should probably get yourself a portable one.

If after working out the power you need it comes to more than a portable generator can offer, then you will most likely be better of with a stationary generator.

Preppers kit
Solar power should be considered to power many of your essential appliances like radios and phones

How much are you willing to spend?

Your budget will play a deciding role in the range of generators you will be able to purchase. Generally speaking, a stationary generator will be far pricier than its portable counterparts.

So, consider if you really need to power of a stationary generator and instead could not make do with a portable one. This could end up saving you a fairly decent sum of money.

What are some additional features to look for?

Having a generator that comes with some handy features will improve your experience in using the product. Having a gauge that can show you how much fuel you have left is extremely useful in preventing your generator from running dry.

You could also get a generator will an automatic shut off valve so that it will cut off the power when your engine oil is low and prevent damage to the engine.

You may also want to consider a generator that has both an electric start-up and a kinetic pull-start, this way you can never fail to start up your generator.

What are some safety tips for running a generator?

It is essential that you have the knowledge to run your generator in a safe fashion, as to not endanger lives. One major considering I carbon monoxide poisoning.

Only running your generator outside will help to prevent toxic carbon monoxide from getting trapped within your home and so you should also keep it well away from doors, windows, or air intakes.

These fumes can render you unconscious and eventually kill you, so it is very important that you stick to only using the generator when it is outside. You should also make sure to run regular test as per the instruction manual it came with.

Conclusion: So, do preppers need a generator?

In summary, the kinds of generators you need will depend on the type of prepping you are doing. If you plan to bunker down for a long time then you may consider a large and powerful stationary generator, however if you require a little more flexibility then you should consider maybe using a portable generator instead. Either one you choose it is important to always use them responsibly and safely.

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